Hey-Ho and Off We Go with HTML5

RM richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 15:19:50 EST 2016

On 29.02.2016 22:13, RM wrote:
> On 29.02.2016 21:29, RM wrote:
>> So:
>> I made a stack with a button and 2 fields in LiveCode 8.0 DP 15 and a 
>> spot of
>> scripting in the button, and exported the thing as an HTML5 
>> standalone, then opened
>> the generated page in Firefox, and (apart from the slightly squiffy 
>> aesthetics) the thing
>> looked and behaved exactly like the original stack.
>> Rocks!
>> So . . . . I am getting all revved-up to generate an HTML page for 
>> University students of my
>> wife's to do a gap-fill exercise, AND, having clicked on a "SUBMIT" 
>> button  to have the results
>> put into a merry text-file and e-mailed to my wife.
>> AND the question is: can anybody tell me how to send a text file 
>> generated in Livecode
>> to an email address?
>> Richmond.
> So: I popped this in a button of my stack:
> on mouseUp
>    revMail "ZZZ at gmail.com", "QQQ at gmail.com", "Test", "Message sent 
> from LiveCode-HTML5"
> end mouseUp
> From the stack that button opened my email client (Thunderbird) and 
> filled in all the required boxes.
> Absolutely fantastic!!!
> BUT, from the same stuck, once hived-off as an HTML5 thing the button 
> didn't work.
> Richmond.

The next question, inevitably, is what will happen if one's end-user 
accesses their e-mail via
a web-browser and has no configured e-mail client installed on their 


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