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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Feb 29 12:45:47 EST 2016

Glen Bojsza wrote:

 > After reviewing all the previous releases of Livecode I am trying to
 > determine when LC 8 will start getting to RC and then how long from
 > there to stable.
 > My question is hard since there is no true and fast answer on how the
 > development goes ...anything can cause it to derail.
 > But does anybody think it is reasonable to get to a stable release by
 > July this year?

Back in September I predicted that LC 8 might reach RC1 in March.  I've 
read no specific time estimates from the team, but given the good 
progress on a wide range of areas I'd guess that RC1 would likely occur 
no later than April, and would feel reasonably comfortable* guessing 
that a July estimate for Stable would seem achievable.

* Any projection of ship dates from any one about any software is, 
ultimately, a form of guesswork.  We have 50 years of ACM literature to 
back that up, and insightful authors from Fred Brooks to Steven 
McConnell to explain why this unpredictability persists.  Until when a 
system ships can we know the ship date.  Prior to that the inevitable 
unpredictable things that define our universe and the software 
development tasks we do within it will come into play.  I always try to 
keep this in mind with all software from all vendors.

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