LiveCode for Educators (was LiveCode for the Hobbyists)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Feb 27 17:25:48 EST 2016

Tore Nilsen wrote:

 > I do agree that this is a kind of task where we, as educators and
 > users of LiveCode should do the actual work. However, I think it is
 > vitally important that the outcome of such a process has an active
 > backing from the company...

Oh indeed it does.

One of the projects we've been cooking up in our community engagement 
meetings is forming an Educational Outreach Team.  Max Shafer has kindly 
offered to be the team leader to help organize things, but do date 
progress has been slow thus far.  We've sent invitations to a number of 
educators to use the forum so we can work out the sorts of projects you 
outlined, but given the overtaxed lives of most educators it's not 
surprising it's taken a while to bring others on board.

I hope your post will help kickstart the process.

For any of you interested in jumping into the discussion, Tore's post is 

Kevin is very strongly supportive of any and all efforts to extend the 
scope of ways LiveCode can be of ever greater value in education.  Even 
though most of these activities center around the Community Edition and 
as such won't help with developer salaries straight away, he fully 
recognizes the value for the platform as a whole and is quite willing to 
support anything the community can accomplish along these lines in any 
way needed.

Let's get this ball rolling and see where we can take it.

Thanks for your very helpful contributions, Tore.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
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