LiveCode for the Hobbyists

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Fri Feb 26 19:47:20 EST 2016

> Monte wrote:
> > On 27 Feb 2016, at 9:28 AM, [-hh] <hh at> wrote:
> > Build on the next generation, who will become decision maker in a few
> > years. And, if they *know* the software, may also become possible
> > buyers of LC-related products:
> > Give teachers and their students in class FREE copies.
> > Give university students and hobbyists very cheap copies.
> Which out of these groups isn't covered by LiveCode Community? Clearly 
> Indy has a target market of developers earning or planning to earn at 
> least enough to justify the cost. I'm not really sure I understand the 
> issue here. Is it people want to give the company money but don't want 
> to do it via donations as thanks for the availability of Community?
> Cheers Monte

There is an education category (and LiveCode Teacher Pack) of products.
You can read that on the Livecode webpages, here the link :-)


p.s. Why are you hiding your externals code? Could it be that a simple
student who has a good idea, wants to hide his code, may be only for a
while, for similar reasons?

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