LiveCode for the Hobbyists

-hh hh at
Fri Feb 26 17:58:12 EST 2016

Really good points, Roland.

Let me add explicitly this one.

Build on the next generation, who will become decision maker in a few
years. And, if they *know* the software, may also become possible
buyers of LC-related products:
Give teachers and their students in class FREE copies.
Give university students and hobbyists very cheap copies.

If the company continues to have such crazy pricing strategies as now
then it will loose in sum: The negative income by people "jumping off" will be greater than the additional positive income by raised prices.

For example I went with backing nearly everything in the last three
years already over my limits: An Indy license, a community membership
(who of the writers here has also one?), an additional HTML5 license,
a lot of time wasted for beta-testing. I'm hobbyist, sell nothing ...

The next "pricing game" will force me to jump off. And jumping off will
mean to jump off by 100%, in anger, not only partially.

And certainly I'm not the only one who works for no money, pays only
to support LC. The current pricing strategy becomes aggressive against
this group of users.

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