Players in HTML5 - ETA for Full Functionality?

-hh hh at
Fri Feb 26 08:41:54 EST 2016

> Scott R. wrote:
> ... That said, does an HTML5 standalone have the ability to
> interact with the HTML of the surrounding page?
> If yes, it would seem to be relatively straightforward to do
> what most HTML apps do, which is displaying video content in
> an iFrame, or embedded video on the same page...

Mark Wadd. said recently, freely out of my brain:
'LC uses emscripten only to render into the canvas'.
I suggested the use of other HTML5 objects already in November
and got a strict "NO": The HTML5 standalone will not have
features that are not in the engine.
The other way is already somehow possible: One can have a
webpage with actions that work on the LC canvas like on every
other canvas, for example get mouseActions or keyboardActions
if over the canvas.
But for that the LC canvas is a "dead" drawn object, like a
still image, you can't go 'deeper'. Except LC would allow to
attach js handlers alike the browser objects do.

Hope that was not too theoretical, the HTML5 people in general
have their own special wording what builds (intentionally?)
a barrier to simple HTML3 users like me and, as you wrote,
also you ...


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