Unable to select transparent buttons

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Feb 25 15:24:00 EST 2016

Can anyone else confirm LC8 dp15

1) make card

2) add background graphic image, leave some area of the card uncovered.. move the image down a bit...

3) place several buttons on top of the imate

4) ... set opacity  for all buttons to false

5) Now.. try to use the pointer tool to select one of the buttons... the image is selected instead. No way to select a button.

6) now click on some blank space on the background of the card

7)  *then* click on one of the buttons, the button is selected.

Before reporting this I just want to see if my expectations are off... it would seem that if the 7)  is possible (selecting the button) that 5) should not happen (selection the image when mousedown on transparent button.

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