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Trevor DeVore wrote:

>> I have seen the tutorials on the LiveCode site  and I am still trying to
>> completely understand the tool.
>> If the author of this tool reads this list, I am hoping for some help and
>> insight on using this tool.
> I am the original author of the DataGrid. I don't provide any one-on-one
> support and unfortunately I don't have time to explain everything about how
> it works under the hood. You would need to dig into the code if you want
> that kind of understanding. If you have specific questions as you go
> through existing documentation then you can post those and someone here
> will be able to provide some help.

Clarence is a friend of mine, and I have some additional background on 
his needs from his comments at our last local user group meeting.

While studying the DG code may be useful, for the moment I believe all 
Clarence needs is more basic info to get started using it.

I did a quick search on Google for "livecode data grid lessons", and 
found this as the first hit:

@Clarence:  take a gander through those, and see how well the background 
info provided there orients you to using the DG, and how well the 
step-by-step instructions are easy to follow.

Let's review your experience in our meeting next Thursday.  Bring your 
experiments to the meeting and we can help fill in any gaps in your 
learning that may be needed, but the set of tutorials there is so broad 
that you may not need any additional help at all.

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