Hi-Res Images at Natural Size?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Wed Feb 24 20:54:05 EST 2016

 randy wrote:

>When I include an image in an iPad app I reduce height and width by half, 
>lock the image, and set quality to ³good². The resulting display in the 
>IDE and simulator does look soft. However, the same image looks sharp on 
>the device. I just checked that again on an iPad Air. 
>be well, 

This has been my experience here. Neither my 15.4" 2880 X1800 Macbook Pro nor the LG Ultrawide 34Inch 3440 X 1440 displays can match the sharpness of the same image on my iPhone 6+. 

But my use case may be different. I'm trying to keep the overall "weight" of the app within reason where we need to employ 500 + images. and the "eyes" I have to please are not that discriminating. I use the same method as Randy: create images at 2X (3X4 w/ live margins set inside that for "vital" elements = 1472 X 1104 |1104 X1472... My SafeZone research worked out well...) save at max jpg, run thru imgMagic and Mozjpeg to quality 80 and reduce half size and lock in the app. Use showAll. 

A further "proof" : small type that appears totally unacceptable in a stack on screen OR the simulator, is quite sharp on the device.


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