updating progress to user during long handler

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Tue Feb 23 22:23:07 EST 2016

Hi James,

I find it sometimes helps to lock & unlock the screen right after 
updating a progress bar, when it's part of a long process at least. Or 
throw in a "wait 0 seconds" right after it - that can help too. It seems 
the OS sometimes needs a reminder that it's time for it to update the 

Thanks -

On 2/23/16 7:07 PM, James Hale wrote:
> Ok, so no lockscreens anywhere in the routines being called from start to end.
> Guess the problem lies elsewhere.
> I put in a few BEEPs at each 'progressive step and they all fired ok but there was still no update to the text in my splash stack.
> I am using the glx framework and it might be that it is getting in the way.
> Frustrating.
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