Getting a return from a dispatch to a function

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You have mixed a function call with a command call. I did not test your handler, but do try this first:

 put value(getValue(group "myGroup" of card "myCard")) into tVal

Craig Newman

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Subject: Getting a return from a dispatch to a function

Folks:I think I’ve found a bug when trying to call a function and get a return value out of the message path.I make a stack with a group containing 2 buttons, and a 3rd button to call the function>Script of calling buttonon mouseUp   breakpoint   put value("getValue",group "myGroup" of card "myCard") into tValend mouseUpScript of group named “myGroup”function getValue   return "This is my value"end getValueWhen I click the calling button, I get “getValue” returned. The actual return value of the function is not returned.I’ve tested this in 7.1.2-r3 and 8.0.0 DP15. I’m using Mac OSX, El Capitan.Is it a bug?BillWilliam Prothero, Ph.D.University of California, Santa Barbara, Emeritusprothero at earthednet.org_______________________________________________use-livecode mailing listuse-livecode at lists.runrev.comPlease visit this url to subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your subscription preferences:

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