Re Topic'd. Probable LC bug getting return from a Value function

William Prothero prothero at
Mon Feb 22 20:08:07 EST 2016

Sorry for the duplicate posting. But, the topic on my prev one was not descriptive and I need this to work.

I think I’ve found a bug when trying to call a function and get a return value out of the message path.

I make a stack with a group containing 2 buttons, and a 3rd button to call the function>

Script of calling button
on mouseUp
  put value("getValue",group "myGroup" of card "myCard") into tVal
end mouseUp

Script of group named “myGroup”
function getValue
  return "This is my value"
end getValue

When I click the calling button, I get “getValue” returned. The actual return value of the function is not returned.

I’ve tested this in 7.1.2-r3 and 8.0.0 DP15. 
I’m using Mac OSX, El Capitan.

Is it a bug?


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