How do I enable scrolling of a group ?

Scott Rossi scott at
Sat Feb 20 20:40:02 EST 2016

Not sure about touch specifically, but as long as the rect of the group's
contents exceeds the rect of the group, the group should be scrollable.
Or, set the unboundedVScroll of the group to true, but you'll have to
impose some limits there.

Quick and dirty script for single click/drag:

local allowDrag, clickY

on mouseEnter
   put false into allowDrag
end mouseEnter

on mouseDown
   put mouseV() - top of me + vScroll of me into clickY
   put true into allowDrag
end mouseDown

on mouseMove X,Y
   if not allowDrag then exit mouseMove
   set vScroll of me to top of me + (clickY - Y)
end mouseMove

on mouseUp
   put false into allowDrag
end mouseUp

on mouseRelease
   put false into allowDrag
end mouseRelease


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>Specifically, I want a group to scroll in response to a two-fingered
>touch/swipe (on OSX).
>For a field, I can scroll it provided the field is enabled, even if the
>text is locked, ....
>But a group doesn't respond - even if enabled.
>I'm hoping there is some other property I need to set ....
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