Finding UTC

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Sun Feb 21 15:45:02 EST 2016

> Graham S. wrote
> Thanks to all those who replied - ‘the internet date’ was the
> answer I needed, since I then didn’t have to get out of my
> LiveCode comfort zone to do the calculation. I’m thinking of
> time-stamping some interactions that are going to go through
> a program I’m running on LiveCode Server. Right now I have it
> running on DreamHost, whose servers presumably stay in one
> place, but I wanted an invariant time stamp not depending on
> the location of the server or of any particular user, so I
> saw UTC as the way to go. My issue was that I didn’t know of
> a command that I could run on the server, or a url to a public
> time server, that would just give me UTC in its simplest form
> without leaving LiveCode - probably very lazy of me, but I want
> to keep things as simple as I can. I have now written a little
> homegrown routine that uses ‘the internet date’ which seems to
> work fine. Thanks again Graham

One remark to the internet date (which is the date format I
always use and then convert to dateItems if needed for

If using recent or future dates one should have in mind that
"the internet date" respects **daylight saving offsets** of
the dates.

You can see that with a HTML5 standalone
that counts up to the LC meeting. Click at the bottom field
to change the date from August to March and you(?) will see
the UTC offset changing by -1 hour.
[Use Safari, Chrome or Opera.
Currently NOT Firefox (v45, again with v46)]


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