Windows Quicktime Playback

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Fri Feb 19 17:08:11 EST 2016

Hi folks,

I have an app that plays rather small quicktime videos in a second stack window (mainstack is the user interface to select videos for a number of presentations). Its been fine for the last maybe 10 years up thru LC 5x on mac and pc.

On the mac video playback is like silk (I can even do full 1080 pro res from a mac mini beautifully). On the PC we only ever did small videos (540x304) for practice and they played fine. most of the time mp4 h264 encoded, no changes when the app moves up to LC 6x and 7x.

Recently though many of the small videos play back choppy on the PC (win 7 and 8) with players built with LC 6x or 7x. Some are ok, but still not totally smooth. Little or nothing has changed in the application that has to do with this external window playback. buffer does not seem to make any changes on the pc. Right now its the latest 7x qt installed on windows but even rolling back to some older versions did not seem to help.

Is this just a function of windows qt playback being a dying thing here or did i miss something thats happened on that front?



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