Mac window fullscreen widget

Monte Goulding monte at
Tue Feb 16 21:27:49 EST 2016

Hi folks

I see that in my latest build of LC 8 the fullscreen widget is enabled on topLevel and modeless windows but I don’t recall any notes on this. I’m interested largely because I was going to add this in hactoberfest but decided against it because of the rather interesting entanglement of decorations properties and fullscreen property along with the recreation of windows for certain things meaning it seemed non-trivial to ensure a window stayed in fullscreen once put there etc.

We need ways to programmatically enter and leave fullscreen mode along with ways to enable and disable the availability of the mode. Anyone have any hints where I look for those things.

Ah… and now I just worked out that the widget appears to be a function of my now being on El Capitan which perhaps defaults windows to having the widget instead of the normal + maximize. This probably means it’s a bug even though it would be a nice feature ;-)

Perhaps someone on the team might comment?



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