Signing Identity Issue When Building Standalone

Colin Holgate colinholgate at
Tue Feb 16 19:33:37 EST 2016

I was still able to build apps this morning, but today my colleague chose to remove all certificates and provisioning profiles, as part of using the new Apple certificate. That messed me up!

So, I went through installing the new certificate, and hooking up new profiles, but ran into some issues worth knowing about.

The main one was that certificates were saying “invalid issuer” in Keychain Access. I found a discussion about it, and it seems that an expired copy of the old certificate was still in Keychain Access, only invisible. The is a View/Show Expired Certificates option that helps. Then you can see the expired certificate in the system list, and can delete it. The issuer error goes away then.

Another problem I hit was that a dialog came up asking if I wanted to sign the certificate, but the Always Allow and Allow buttons wouldn’t do anything, only the Deny button worked. I tracked down a discussion about that too, a message was appearing in Console: "Ignoring user action since the dialog has received events from an untrusted source”. This is a new Mac OS security thing, where if you have any sort of cursor controlling software going on the system refuses to let your valid mouse click work, to prevent hackers from unlocking your machine.

In my case I had a mouse related extension turned on, quitting that let me click those buttons.

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