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Mon Feb 15 06:47:30 EST 2016

On 14/02/2016 20:55, Howard Bornstein wrote:
 > So many clocks today still employ the flip-clock or 7-segment LED display
 > aesthetic that is at least 20 years old. Given that we now have high
 > resolution displays and very high-quality fonts available, I wanted 
to make
 > a simple clock that took advantage of these improvements as an 
 > to the “retro” clocks that are mostly available.
 > The clock itself is basic—just time, day, and date. It’s designed to 
sit in
 > the corner of your screen and float over everything else.
 > But you can modify the *look* of the clock in many ways, by using 
 > fonts and by modifying the clock and background colors. Other visual
 > options include adding a border, using rounded corners, drop shadows and
 > inner shadows.
 > The clock is also infinitely resizable so you can make it any size 
you need
 > to fit in your work area.
 > Because there can be so many visual options, there is also a mechanism to
 > save your favorites designs and call them up later.
 > You can see the features of BasicClock here: BasicClock Read Me.pdf
 > <>
 > and download it here: BasicClock
 > <>
 > Note that you might have to “allow” this clock to run in the Security &
 > Privacy control panel if you have Gatekeeper running on your Mac.

Hi Howard,

Is your clock open source?  At the moment it has "All rights reserved" 
in the copyright...


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