Set textfont color in IDE? LC8DP14

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Thu Feb 11 13:35:57 EST 2016

Yep, you’re right. It’s called the Text in vers 7 and I actually didn’t even try foregroundcolor. Since textcolor wasn’t mentioned, I just quickly went on.

But, why not call it what it is? Since this is an app for "everybody" why not just call it textcolor? That’s what it actually is. If we can use syntax like: “put 3 into x” instead of “x=3”, why not try to carry through the entire system with the same philosophy and keep the “jargony” things as minimized as possible.

Slight rant: To get livecode to do useful things, you have to actually “program”. Whatever the syntax, folks are going to have to look at the tutorials, read the dictionary, and be precise. Some of the operations have quite sophisticated behaviors. I remember the issue on the way messages are sent hither and yon and the different ways of referring to various controls. I do feel that the remnants of the hypercard syntax puts off many prospective LC coders who have had experience with other languages. It did me and it took Director’s demise to get me to look at RunRev/Livecode.

That said, I think the widgets development is a great new feature. But I still hate the “put 4 into y” syntax. Just me. I’m over it now.’

PS: Some things ARE truly much easier to set up in livecode, especially interface elements.


> On Feb 11, 2016, at 10:19 AM, Peter TB Brett <peter.brett at> wrote:
> On 11/02/2016 18:12, William Prothero wrote:
>> Roger:
>> Thanks, yeah, it was the property inspector. Sorry for the confusion.
>> The 3rd icon from the left along the top, in LC8DP14 (pencil icon) has a number of items that can be set. Foreground color, background color, etc. There is no textcolor choice. In LC 7, the property inspector with the “Colors and Patterns” pane showing, there is a textcolor choice.
> Hi Bill,
> Aren't the text colour and foreground colour the same?
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