Set textfont color in IDE? LC8DP14

-hh hh at
Thu Feb 11 08:15:51 EST 2016

I'm used to set the 'global' text color of a field by the Property Inspector by setting the textColor (synonym foreColor) and set the color of chunks of text by script or menu.

I've never been able to set the color of text (or parts of text) in Project Browser or Application Browser. Please tell me, how did you achieve that?

> > Will P. wrote: Folks:

> > I notice there is no way to set the textfont color of text in a field,
> > in the project browser in LC8Dp14. Is this intentional? I can set it
> > in the toolbar menu, but it seems an omission in the IDE.
> Peter B. wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> If you could set the font color of field text using the LiveCode 7 
> project browser, and you can no longer do that in LiveCode 8, then yes, 
> it's a bug - and please file a bug report!

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