Modifying Drop-Down Menus on the fly

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Thu Feb 11 06:19:47 EST 2016

Hi from sunny Brittany,

Thanks to Eric, Phil, Beda and especially Tore.

I was so used to using keywords in button definitions to modify
button parameters, that I didn't even look up "Menu" in the
dictionary (Can't see the wood for the trees ?)

Tore gave me little script routines which I can adapt to my
requirements (great stuff !)

Beda asked me a question in return (I said I could modify script
"cases" with no problems) - a little vague !!!!

You can  change the script of a button completely with the command :

set the script of button "abc" to field "xyz" (or a preset variable).
Some of my menu button scripts contain "case" commands (which is
what I meant .....).

I change script content in my fields ** and buttons very often, to do rather
tortuous things (which I will not describe here !)

Now I am starting to do the same with "Drop-Down" menus. This is just the
beginning .............

** Beda, you can define a script for a field, lock the field and it works like a
button when you click on it (it can be useful !)

Best Regards to all


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