No audio playback on iOS devices

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Feb 10 18:53:53 EST 2016

What audio format?  Any unusual encoding?


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>I¹ve been testing some small apps that I use in my class on iOS devices.
>I¹m finding that my apps fail to play audio files. It doesn¹t seem to
>matter if I use a simple Œplay¹ command or the ŒmobilePlaySoundOnChannel¹
>command. I¹m on Mac Yosemite 10.10.5, and I¹ve tried building with LC
>7.1.1, 7.1.2 RC2, and 8.0DP14. I¹ve tried it on iOS 9.2  and 8.3 on
>several different iOS devices.
>It works on the iOS simulator.
>It works on Android.
>I have verified that the audio assets are copied successfully to the app
>bundle. Other external assets, like image files, show up properly in the
>iOS devices are not muted.
>I have built apps for iOS in the past and audio playback has worked
>without problems.
>Am I missing something? Has anyone else run into this?
>Devin Asay
>Office of Digital Humanities
>Brigham Young University

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