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Mark Waddingham mark at
Wed Feb 10 13:21:40 EST 2016

Hi Jim,

On 2016-02-10 16:37, Jim Beckmann wrote:
> Unknowingly, and unwantingly, the default displayed font for newly
> created objects names\labels, in old as well as new stacks, is some
> form of Wingding.  How do I set the default font back to Helvetica, or
> something, for newly created objects?  Thanks.

Some sort of 'wingding' is a little concerning... As in you don't see 
text but symbols?

This will be related to the 'native themeing' changes we have made. You 
should be seeing the proper system font for the particular control - not 

If you could file a report in the quality center with some screen shots 
and details of your platform that would help immensely.

For the time being, you can turn off the new native themeing feature by 
setting the theme property of the stack to 'legacy'.

Hope this helps,


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