Livecode on MIT Climate Co-Lab

James Little littlejamesw at
Wed Feb 10 12:17:57 EST 2016

Hi All,

There are 18 days remaining to further develop this project on the MIT Climate Co-Lab site.

This project is to use Livecode to develop Global Warming News Readers.  The goal is to use this desktop app to educate a cadre of informed, trusted messengers around the world, who can teach their families, friends, neighbors and politicians about the actions that are needed to address climate change.   

I argue that Livecode is the best programming language to develop this:
- It’s free and open-source for developing this free app.
- It’s rapid development software that is relatively easy to learn.
- Livecode provides abundant assistance with tutorials and forums.
- There’s a world-wide, active user community that support developers.
- The source code can be distributed and modified to customize the app for different locales. 

Any suggestions?  I’m an old mediocre Livecode programmer.  I would welcome seeing some more sophisticated Global Warming Readers from our more talented LIvecoders.  Up-votes for this project would be appreciated.  

I’ve posted a beta 1.0 version of a Global Warming Reader, developed with Livecode 8.0, DP12 at:  The source code is also posted. 

I will post a beta 2.0 version later this week developed with 8.0, DP14.  This uses a widget “Tree View” to simplify the user interface.  

Working with 8.0, DP14 is a pleasure.    



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