lock and unlock files from script? - Mac options

-hh hh at livecode.org
Tue Feb 9 21:33:09 EST 2016

Phil D. wrote:
> I looked at the web site below and it makes sense now. Guess I'm not 
> used to such flowery language. Phil
> On 2/9/16 4:59 PM, Phil Davis wrote:
> > I can smell them from here... smells fishy. Or maybe rotten, if 
> > Hermann is in Denmark.
> > ;-)
> > On 2/9/16 4:53 PM, [-hh] wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >> these flowers are not for me. Here's my secret:
> >> Simon Sheppard’s website ss64.com
> >> Extremly fast and *very* competent. Hermann


for example the entry for chflags contains the line
"The immutable flag is equivalent to locking the file in the Finder's Show Info box."

This info is missing on Apple's own (BSD-) man page for chflag. That's an example for
why I used such 'flowery' superlatives. And I don't even know Simon.

By the way: I'm from Germany and I like fish, also fish from Denmark.
And I like flowers --- and Phil's 'Shell Command Help' in LC's Sample Stacks ;-)


I found also the hint that
setfile (Xcode CommandLine Tools) enables to lock/unlock.

It's now somehow clear why Stephen and I got "execution errors" from applescript
via LC:
Locking/unlocking of a file requires to be owner or superuser of that file. This is
perhaps better reflected by the Applescript Script Editor but may not be given
if we "do ... as applescript".


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