Modifying Drop-Down Menus on the fly

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Tue Feb 9 14:44:45 EST 2016

Hi from Sunny Brittany (at least it was this morning !),

After many years of using buttons in my stacks, I am
discovering the joys of using “Pull Down” menus (and
about time too !).

I can change the script “cases” with the “set script” command,
but I also want to know how to change the value of the menu options
on the fly,  for example, if I have a menu option “Show Table”
in my button, once I have shown the table, how can I modify
the menu option to show “Hide Table”, assuming that I also
set the case in the script to the new value, with new instructions.

I thought that it was possible to modify any button/field options
on the fly, but I can’t grab the syntax of this requirement.

I also see that the number of case entries is defined in the button 
specs. Can I change this also, or do I just set a maximum value

I know that Klaus has played with menus (seen on forums)
Maybe he has an answer ?


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