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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Feb 8 19:27:48 EST 2016

Pierre Sahores wrote:

 > Story made short : Appart the amazing Lua platform (preferably set as
 > an Openresty one), well configured LC application’s servers still
 > outperforms anything available around (Websphere, Tomcat, PHP5/7,
 > Perl5, NodeJS, Go, Python, RoR,…). In-between, LC application’s
 > server is 60 times faster than the stock’s Livecode CGI Server.
 > Using Nginx as the load balancer of the same LC app running on
 > clustered front-end servers can make a very reliable scalable
 > configuration : 1500 connections for each server added to the
 > cluster. In taking care to scale the ACID-SQL backend cluster as
 > attendee, the platform can handle very high-end solutions at a
 > fraction of the cost of more known main stream proposals.

Can we have the story made long? :)

What do you mean by "LC application’s servers"?  A socket server?  Can 
you share some code?

Exciting stuff - eager to learn more....

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