How to launch a stack from a file.

-hh hh at
Sun Feb 7 15:54:00 EST 2016

Mike D. wrote:
> I am trying to build a simple launcher app and I am stumped as to how to 
> load a stack from a file.  I have no problem loading it from my dropbox, 
> but not from a local file.
> put 
> /Users/mike/Library/Preferences/CueSheets/ridewithgps_cuesheets.livecode 
> into localpath
> none of the following work:
> go stack localpath
> go stack url ("binfile:" & localpath)
> go stack url ("file:" & localpath)
> I have also tryed the "in a new window" clause
> What am I missing?

Obviously you are on Mac.
The first method should work. The other two not.
Hope you didn't forget the quotes around the path?

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