How to launch a stack from a file.

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Feb 7 14:40:36 EST 2016

Michael Doub wrote:
 > I am trying to build a simple launcher app and I am stumped as to how
 > to load a stack from a file.  I have no problem loading it from my
 > dropbox, but not from a local file.
 > put
 > /Users/mike/Library/Preferences/CueSheets/ridewithgps_cuesheets.livecode
 > into localpath
 > none of the following work:
 > go stack localpath
 > go stack url ("binfile:" & localpath)
 > go stack url ("file:" & localpath)
 > I have also tryed the "in a new window" clause
 > What am I missing?

A check of "the result" immediately after the line that fails so you can 
find out what the engine's trying to tell you about how to fix it.

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