Release 8.0 DP 14

RM richmondmathewson at
Fri Feb 5 11:33:06 EST 2016

Well said that man!

The other day I "stumbled" over a C++ book and thought  * censored * [so 
filthy words that my message would offend everybody].

I know why I'm with LiveCode.


On 5.02.2016 18:26, Ralph DiMola wrote:
> Ferreting out bugs in new LC versions a real time waster until one
> considers..
> 1) I did not have to learn Objective C for iOS.
> 2) I did not have to have to learn Java for Android.
> 3) I don't have to step thru strings old school to find
> characters/items/words/lines.
> 4) I can deploy to multiple desktop/mobile platforms.
> 5) Being able to put an http url into a variable
> 6) Being able to write a web service to access databases in a day.
> 7) All the community resources like FastJson that I just used the other day
> to deal with a web service.
> 8) HTML 5 deployment.
> The list goes on-and-on. In the large picture I save way more time than I
> lose. It's a net gain for me.
> Ralph DiMola
> IT Director
> Evergreen Information Services
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