Anybody on the list looking for LC contract work?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Dec 22 08:10:12 EST 2016

Hi all,

I don't know, if you all have your own company and products or if there are
also contract workers amongst you.

I have an old windows software (written in Toolbook), which I would love to
rewrite in LC for Win/Mac/iOS/Android. The issue is, I am only a part time
developer amongst lots of other tasks and don't have the capacities to do
that job myself. The other issue is that it is an extrem niche product in
the market for handycapped people with very small selling numbers, so that
there would never be a return on investment, if I would let do the job a
commercial developer straight forward. Now the idea came up to me, that I
perhaps could make a crowdfunding for the redesign costs. My questions here:

-          Is there anybody, who would be interested in such a contract work
next year?

-          If yes, I would send to you a windows CD for testing and would
need a rough estimate from you, because my own speed of development is not

-          I have no experience with the chances of crowdfunding (beside of
LiveCode), do you think it would be worth to try? If yes, which platform
would you prefer?

-          This is just a first brainstorming!

General thoughts on this list please, if somebody is really interested
please pm






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