Typesetting in LC -- Line Spacing

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Mon Dec 5 14:19:18 EST 2016

Our design team here has high expectations for typesetting that are not easily implemented in LC… or were not before.

But I realize new text styles have been introduced… though I believe thorough docs/tutorials have not been issued so it is a bit opaque.   Where are the new text style command documented?  I just spent 20 minute in the dictionary… not finding what I thought was the "new text formatting stuff"  I could have been mistaken...

I see a textShift option, but this is from 1.0  so I don't think it is part of the new styles… the entry under "textStyle" talks about an array but this is also from as far back as 5.0.2

Where are all these defined? Or am I thinking that there is something there is not?


There are times  where you want to tighten the spacing between lines, aka "change the leading"  because the default gives way too much space…same problem in browsers where a default of 1.5 over X height is a common leading default that you have to override with some tedious CSS…  but then when you get into running, wrapping text you do want to keep more open line-height for readability.

Given the following text in a field


Headline               # at font size 2X

Sub-head        # at font size 1.5 X

blank line

body text        # at font size 1 X


Can we now control the line height above and below  the headlines in this example… i.e. control over the baseline of a given line in relation to the baseline of the previous line? i.e. variable spacing between lines in the same field.


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