live code seems to gratuitously unlock write permission for directories

Rick Harrison harrison at
Fri Dec 2 12:59:50 EST 2016

Ok, so it sounds like you are using an LC stack file.
You are opening that LC stack from within LC
so LC/macOS, (assuming your are on a Macintosh Computer),
is going to update the “Date Modified” date because LC/you
have touched the file.  That’s built into the OS and is

What I do to protect myself from accidental saves is to
always work with a copy of of the file or folder.  When I get onto
my computer in the morning.  I first duplicate the stack
file I want to work with.  I use version numbers which I
create so I can keep track of which is the current version.
Sometimes this is as simple as calling it LCStackNameV1
or LCStackNameV2, V3, etc.  If I’m really want more
information I might even include the date and/or time
with that version number:  LCStackName120220161022AMV1

If later on in the day, I know that I’ve done a lot of good work/changes
I may make yet another duplicate of the stack and continue with
my version naming convention.

If I did something really really dumb in-between version creations
I can also go back into my TimeMachine backup and pull up a
version of the stack file from it’s last hourly backup, so I can
eliminate as much of my working loss as possible.

We live in the age of giant hard drives.  I can duplicate my folders
the same way if I need to.  When I’m all done with a project, and it
has been finalized, then I can go back and delete all of those
old files/folders if I want to.

That’s how I protect myself from my own stupid saving mistakes.

I hope that helps. :-)


> On Dec 2, 2016, at 10:26 AM, Dr. Hawkins <dochawk at> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 4:08 PM, Rick Harrison <harrison at>
> wrote:
>> If you just want to prevent overwriting of older files,
>> why don’t you just use a new name for the file.
> This is about protecting me from accidental saves.
> There are a dozen or so separate files.  I want a new "main" stack for
> every editing day, but most of the others don't usually get changed.
> So blocking the directory when a date change is detected neatly solves the
> problem--but livecode apparently overrides this.
>> Still if LC is not doing what it is supposed to, or doing something
>> that it shouldn’t do, it should be fixed.
> if something is locked in the OS livecode should not be unlocking it.
> I suppose I can trap saveStackRequest, but I shouldn't have to for this.
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