model oriented programming

Robert Mann rman at
Wed Apr 27 12:51:58 CEST 2016

The GSL tool described at the end of the document linked is very similar to
Thanks for the link, it rang a bell in my mind!

So with LC server, have these two tools for abstraction :
-- procedure oriented : script
-- object/hierchy oriented : html (& interface objects for LC "cards")

But that came so much integrated in the first ".irev" files, that sometimes
ended like just a few rather big files, that that distinction was not so

In particular, I remember I used to "code" html parts of a site with
procedures "put start tag() & content & end tag() after tPage". And the
result was merged into a "view" file that has placers (revIgniter).

BI now tend more and more to use separate html "chunks" where I insert
variables placers, very much like the "" in revIgniter. That's what I
did to digest recent bootstrap evolution. So in the end.. gradually.. I come
to really separate more the procedures, organized in libraries, and html
snippets with variable placers, stored into fields or custom props of
dedicated libraries.

And I also store datas in LC cards and fields, so I can test server scripts
on desktop, but that is another story. Thanks for the link.

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