DataGrid Optimisation in LC 8.0.0

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Mon Apr 25 07:51:26 EDT 2016

On 25/04/2016 11:40, Terence Heaford wrote:
> Mac 10.11.4.
> Just had a little try of LC 8.0.0 (RC1).
> Loaded a 6 column data grid with approx. 3000 records and timed how
> long it took to scroll using the scroller to the last record.
> LC 6.7.11 (RC2) took 11 seconds
> LC 7.1.4 (RC2) took 11 seconds
> LC 8.0.0 (RC1) took 18 seconds
> I hope that because we are in RC stage the optimising of code hasn’t
> stopped because the data grid is not pleasant to use in this state?

Hi Terence,

Were you testing in the IDE or in a standalone?

It's very unlikely that we will include any further performance 
enhancements in LiveCode 8.0.0 final.

In general, optimisations are the sort of risky change that can turn 
code that works perfectly into a buggy mess; after an RC 1 release we 
try very hard not to include any further changes that could cause new bugs.


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