Localizing the Menubar on OsX (Help menu)

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Sun Sep 20 12:22:38 CEST 2015

Hi Richmond,

thanks for the reply. I am running on a german language install of Os X. :-)

What is so puzzling is that the button in the menubar only does its magic when its LABEL is Help, which IMHO makes no sense at all. It would make more sense, if the German.lproj folder contained in the standalone bundle would affect the behaviour of the labeling, as it does with About and a couple of other strings, but it does not. :-( Looking inside that folder there is a text file containing a couple of instructions:

File Localization.strings in app/content/resources/German.lproj

/* Format string such as About %@" */
"appMenu.about" = "Über %@";

/* Format string such as Hide %@ */
"appMenu.hide" = "%@ ausblenden";

/* Hide Others */
"appMenu.hideOthers" = "Andere ausblenden";

/* Preferences */
"appMenu.preferences" = "Einstellungen …";

/* Format string such as Quit %@ */
"appMenu.quit" = "%@ beenden";

/* Services */
"appMenu.services" = "Dienste";

/* Show All */
"appMenu.showAll" = "Alle einblenden";

But nothing for „Help“ in there...

All the best,


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