How do you work with an external editor?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Fri Sep 18 04:26:47 EDT 2015


You might try this:


But be aware that some have reported that it has 'lost' ammendments they've
made. Also, as with other reports, it doesn't work for me first time around
like it's suppose to. I have to actually press the button to activate it.
After that it seems to respond as it's suppose too.

Do you really copy and paste the code vice versa for testing?

Yes, that's what I do most of the time. For short scripts I don't bother,
but many of my scripts are very very long and the few seconds lost copy and
pasting are quickly made up by the speed at which my Text Editor plows
through the script.

TIP: Maybe it's just me but at least a couple of times a session I Apply a
script and it goes Green 'No errors occured' in the Errors tab but the
Green dot for the script Tab turns Red - there is actually some error. At
this point the handler field down the left becomes empty and the handler
button at the top also empties. This makes navigating the script very
difficult, almost impossible for very long scripts. By Copying and Pasting
the entire script into my Text Editor I immediately get navigation by
handler back - I know which handlers I've been working on so can narrow my
search down. Colourisation applies and so a missing " here or there is
immediately apparent. Find Unmatched Brackets works so I can determine if
this is the problem.  If none of this works, the TE reports line numbers so
at least I can use LC's SE Go... menu to go to a particular line in the
script that corresponds to handlers I've been working on and see if I can
see the red dot with the X in it.

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