[ANN] "language-livecode" 0.6.0 for Atom Editor

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Thu Oct 22 19:26:54 EDT 2015

Trevor and Jerry worked on the Remo project, which was actually quite good. It ran as a separate application, but was able to access and save scripts. It also had a great application manager interface, quite superior to what we currently have.

The "weakness" (if I can call it that) is that the debugger was not a step debugger. Instead you set breakpoints and at those points, Remo would save the current state of the variables at that break point. Jerry really liked this much better than a step debugger, but others liked the LC debugger method more. I was one of them, although I could see uses for both.

So it's obviously possile to have an external application access the scripts in a stack. Why Remo went away I don't know, but I suspect changes in the engine were too much to keep up with. New commands and syntax would constantly have to be updated, and that is really the problematic thing about any external that does this sort of thing.

You would need a debugger API of some sort, where you could pass commands and have some kind of response passed back. Not sure it's worth it. The wheel, whatever anyone's beef about it, is actually quite good already.

Bob S

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My question wasn't about ROI, but where I was going with that is less interesting than your reply, which raises a question of its own:

Given that PHP, Python, Lua, Ruby, and most other scripting languages deliver a great engine with no IDE at all, why don't we leverage the community's and the team's interest in using external editors and just either bundle one with LC and/or let people use their own?

Would moving the script editor to a separate process solve any problems we know about? Why not just continue with a built in editor and some IDE APIs that we can use to implement external editor plugins?

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