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tabstops is another property I use quite a bit in scrolling list fields
which is no longer available in the LC8 PI.

Will the geometry manager appear at some point?  I know it's a bit rough
round the edges for complex situations but I've always found it to work
quite well for simple resizing.

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On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 10:43 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at
> wrote:

> Kay C Lan wrote:
> It appears to be a 'smart' option.
>> If your field is large enough and contains data that could be interpreted
>> as a table then when you select the field the property inspector gives you
>> an extra 'table' tool. So for me, a couple of one line fields I have when
>> I
>> select the property inspector the third tool across the top is 'Colors',
>> but if I select a large field with multiple lines of formatted text in it,
>> the third tool becomes the 'Table' tool and Colors and the rest are moved
>> to the right.
> How large is "large"?  How does one turn an empty rectangle field into a
> table field?  Sometimes I use single-line fields with table formatting
> (vgrid), sometimes multi-line, sometimes I use vgrid with listBehavior,
> sometimes without....
> Rather than the IDE try to guess what I'm going, perhaps it could simply
> provide options for the selected object and let me make my own choices.
> Adjusting the order of buttons prevents people from acquiring muscle
> memory with the tool, already made surprisingly difficult with the small
> target area for the tab icons.  After all, the whole point of moving from
> the option control to tab icons was for ease of access, and Fitts' Law and
> all that....
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