Quicktime in Windows 10?

Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at me.com
Mon Oct 19 18:44:10 EDT 2015

Yes, however my audio playback uses callbacks for interactivity—probably not available with Windows media playback?


On Oct 19, 2015, at 3:23 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:

> Peter Bogdanoff wrote:
> > If QT stops working, I am dead in the water for my projects, the
> > major one that requires interoperability among OSX and all modern
> > versions of Windows for a classroom of college students—it has to
> > work for all of them, or it’s $ refunds back to all.
> >
> > But this danger goes away if LC suddenly, magically produces a player
> > widget, and LC8 is good to go. I haven’t tested LC8 much, because
> > without the universal player control I can’t use it.
> LC8 is down the road, and since QuickTime is already abandonware it may be better to focus on the here-and-now so you have have a solution in your hands today if possible:
> What problems have you encountered using players on Windows without QuickTime?
> The team patched a few bugs in their Windows media playback a few versions back, so if you haven't tried it recently you may be pleasantly surprised.
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