LiveCode Server on DreamHost - Help Needed

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Sun Oct 18 11:08:21 EDT 2015

Following some recommendations (yes, there were others, but I had to make a decision), I find myself setting up a web site on DreamHost which will use the commercial version of LiveCode 7 Server. The problem is that I am a total newbie to the whole thing and I find even the simplest things either very obscurely explained or hard to do, or both. 

I have set up the actual domain on DreamHost, and in due course I will be able to give a URL to people who want to view the site. I have uploaded a web site which I already designed using a simple web design tool, Sandvox, and that works nicely as far as it goes (currently mirrored). After that, I’m in a hopeless muddle.

My next move is to alter this rather simple set of pages so that it interacts with scripts executed by LC7 Server. I know how to find and download the appropriate LC engine (although I don’t know if I need the 32 bit or the 64 bit version) and I have the script, but that’s it - I think this stuff should all go into a cgi-bin directory (tho there is a bit of DreamHost which queries even that) and I don’t even know how to create a new directory (although I do know how to upload stuff to an existing directory using FTP). I also have a very nasty suspicion that I should be doing something with a .htaccess file, but I have no idea what. In short I am floundering around - several uncomplimentary metaphors come to mind - and although I suppose that in the end I could get things right, I could really use some help from someone who has done it before.

I know that there are several people on this list who used DreamHost, hence my appeal: if anyone has implemented such a thing on Dreamhost and is willing to write me some kind of step-by-step guide, I’d be infinitely grateful. As far as I am concerned it could be on- or off-list.



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