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Wed Oct 14 16:42:07 EDT 2015

On 10/14/2015 1:54 PM, Geoff Canyon wrote:
> Interesting -- does/did GLX remove the update messages the IDE sends?

I don't know but I doubt it. The problem in my case was that Zygodact's 
Registration dialog needs to store info in a prefs stack, and is 
intended to be opened before the mainstack is displayed. My method was 
to open the prefs stack, store the info, and remove it on the assumption 
that Zygodact should not interfere with the developer's instructions 
about whether the prefs should be in RAM or not. If their script opens a 
prefs file later, no problem. If not, prefs won't hang around.

GLX has startup handlers that also work with prefs, and GLX leaves the 
stack open. When Zygodact closed it soon afterward, GLX errored.

There were two ways to solve it. GLX could have checked the openstacks 
and reopened it if necessary, or Zygodact could have just left the file 
open. It was easier for me to leave it open, which hasn't seemed to 
interfere really with anything else the developer did with it except 
that there's a possibly unwanted stack in RAM.

But the point is, there was interference that required me to know what 
another tool (or framework in this case) was doing.

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