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Wed Oct 14 10:40:18 EDT 2015

On 2015-10-14 16:29, Geoff Canyon wrote:
> I wasn't defending Navigator specifically, just pointing out that, in 
> my
> experience, the current framework allows for reasonably clean 
> development
> of tools.

But there *is* a framework :)

We've learnt a lot from trying to write new components in the existing 
IDE and it has not been easy in many cases - hence the determination we 
have of trying to drag the current IDE through into the modern era by 
re-underpinning it.

Through doing so, we'll hopefully get to a state that all components in 
the IDE are essentially optional and replaceable, and will all run on a 
common foundation (which would sit just above the IDE engine).

If you needed a sha1Digest function you'd probably not go off and write 
your own in LiveCode Script (unless it was something you were *really* 
interested in doing), you'd use the engine one.

I'd like a similar thing to be true at the IDE level. Ideally, there'd 
be a good set of IDE APIs which you'd be able to use when you need to do 
a certain thing in a tool - rather than having to go off and write your 
own (unless that is your specific interest of course!).

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