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Tue Oct 13 16:51:34 EDT 2015

The only way I could figure out how to do this is to set the textAlign to
left, the iconGravity to left, and insert a fixed amount of space
characters before the button's text label.

There really should be easier way to do this, like having a separate
iconMargin property to position the icon independently of the text.

(Whoever came up with "iconGravity" as the icon alignment property name
will have to choose something equally scifi for icon margins, like
"iconForceField" or "iconWarpBarrier").


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>I need to assign a custom icon for a whole lot of radio buttons. I want
>them to use the same spacing as the default radio button: icon at the
>left, a small margin, then the button text.
>Assigning a custom icon draws it at the right. Setting the textalign to
>"right" moves the icon to the correct place at the left, but the button
>text is pushed to the right margin. I want the text to be offset the
>same distance from the icon as the default radio button.
>I can resize the button to push the text over to the left, but I don't
>want to because the stack is internationalized and every button is
>currently wide enough to accomodate all languages it supports.
>If I set the iconGravity to "left" instead, the icon and text are drawn
>on top of each other at the left margin.
>If I really do have to resize them all, it will have to be dynamically
>on preOpenCard which I'd like to avoid. It seems like there has to be an
>easier way. Is there?
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