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Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sat Oct 10 15:07:19 EDT 2015

On 10/09/2015 12:35 AM, Ali Lloyd wrote:

> There are two separate issues here:
> 1) Our out-of-the-box palettes should be as useful as possible for someone
> with no plugins. Hence the soliciting of opinion. Disagree? I'm happy for a
> million application browsers to exist, I just don't want to maintain them.


> I can't understand how you're viewing the idea of seeking to improve the
> IDE's palettes as somehow a negative.
> 2) Making it possible to replace the palettes. Gradually the IDE routes all
> palette-related opening through a revIDEPaletteToStackName function. So
> once everything goes through that, and we provide a hook to override it,
> you will be able to use any stack in place of a given palette.
> Moreover the better the data provision for *our* palettes, the more useful
> IDE functions there are for replacement palettes to use. Whatever we add to
> a given object's inspector properties, for example, is parsed into the
> properties array that the IDE library passes to the inspector.
> Should a user plugin wish to use that array, adding the tooltip fixes it
> for them too. Adding tooltip to the old inspector helps no-one in this
> particular regard, as far as I can see.

Thanks for the background information. This is indeed promising for the 
future. But we have reached the point where LC8 is no longer "LC7 with 
widgets"... there's a serious divide here. So while I can play around 
with LC8 and try to figure out the new gadgety things that are being 
thrown our way, in order to get any work done I'm using tools that will 
soon be end-of-lifed.

I'm no fan of the current property inspector. Or the application 
browser, for that matter. But right now they allow me to get work done. 
So I'm a bit dismayed that rather than fixing/improving these tools, 
they've just been replaced wholesale, and judging by the controversy 
this has raised it appears I'm not alone. I'm sure I'll get used to the 
new tools in time, although I've been able to avoid the Project Browser 
in all versions up to the latest.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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