How to assign icons to a button AND show the name?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Oct 8 04:01:12 EDT 2015


I want to assign four different icons for active-hilite-hover-disabled to a
button AND show the name/label of the button.

Assigning the icon works fine, showing the name also, but when having icons
AND showing the name, the icon will be pushed up and half out of the borders
of the button. I tried all kinds of settings with margins, border, and other
properties, but didn't find a way, how I can show the name/label of the
button over a centered full size icon.

I can workaround this by putting the label into the icon images, but then I
have the "blurred issue" of text in bitmap images. And creating a nice
option menu with icons also is a hassle.

I also tried to workaround with putting the images into a group of the
button, but didn't succeeded to simulate the four button states, when
hovering and clicking.

Is this a bug, wanted, or do I oversee anything?





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