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I've been pretty happy generating html reports for some of the big LC
applications I've done. Use something like bootstrap that has a good print
style sheet. Some JS powered charting that prints nice. I would open in
external browser in my older applications but I wonder if things wouldn't
work nicely in the new CEF browser.

Once things stabilize a bit more, I think we could do tons of standalone
web applications this with it similar to electron or node-webkit. For
example: a customer has an online catalog powered mostly by javascript on
the front end talking to data providers on the server side. We could reuse
most of the javascript in the CEF browser and refactor the bits that serve
the data to serve from the livecode side from a sqlite database. If I had a
little more confidence in some of the newer strains of livecode I'd have
done it like that instead of in electron.

On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 6:33 PM Lynn Fredricks <
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> > Quartam Reports is pure LiveCode, and as such it has been a
> > great tool for use on all major desktop platforms.
> It can be extremely useful to have an add-on that's entirely native. The
> downside to that is that, from the vendor perspective, you can capture only
> a fraction of the users of that development environment. Id imagine if 5%
> of
> all LiveCode users paid the fee for QR, then it would be generating buckets
> of revenue to power new versions.
> There are only a few platforms that can really support ONLY native reports
> on a single platform and feed the developer. Even Crystal Reports supports
> multiple development environments.
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