setprop handlers for custom property sets

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Jul 30 17:11:50 EDT 2015

On 7/30/2015 4:34 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Paul Dupuis <paul at ...> writes:
>> The LC 6.7.5 dictionary entry for setProp has the following:
>> If the custom property you want to control is in a custom property set,
>> use array notation in the first line of the setProp handler, as in the
>> following example:
> Interesting. I do see that in the documentation, but I've never used that.
> The way I've always dealt with custom property sets is to switch context:
> set the customPropertySet of <object> to <name>
> set the <property> of <object> to <whatever>
> get the <property> of <object>
> set the customPropertySet of <object> to empty
> I think this makes for a cleaner, easier-to-read format anyway.

I agree, but that still doesn't answer if you can use setProp and
getProp handlers with individual custom properties in custom property sets.

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