LiveCode and SQLite performace

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Tue Jul 21 19:55:42 EDT 2015

I need some database consulting help.   I have created an SQLite 
database that has 4 fields:
ID, URL, tag, local.   IS is integer, unique, URL is text not null 
unique and tag and local are just text.   I have 600,000+ records. I use 
the ID to access each record in most cases or I am filtering trying to 
find records based on the contents of the tag, URL or local fields.

It seems to take forever to open the database.  This is normal?   I am 
primarily using the database to make sure that I do not have non-unique 
URLs, adding performance and selects seem reasonable.   I am just 
surprised about the open performance  Does opening the database load a 
lot of information into memory thus the long delay?   Could I have 
created the database in someway that is not optimal, thus causing the 

This is not a livecode issue as I am seeing the same delay when I open 
the database with sqlitebrowser.

Any advise or incites in how sqlite actually works would be appreciated.


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