OT: No More Servers

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Jul 18 16:18:06 CEST 2015

David Bovill wrote:

 > By the way I think I'm not paying enough attention to the Forum's
 > - there is an API / Livecode stack for interfacing with information
 > there?

I just use a Web browser, though I also have a process that grabs and 
distills the RSS feed periodically throughout the day.

For browsing, I've bookmarked the "New Posts" link so when I arrive I 
see only the most recent activity.

For RSS, the options are very flexible.  Every section of the forums has 
their own RSS feed, and there's a master feed for the forums as a whole 
in the upper-right of the page:

There's also an email subscription option, but I haven't used it so if 
that's of interest we'll have to rely on the experience of others here 
who have.

There may be other options as well. The forums use PHPBB, which is 
fairly robust and reasonably flexible.

 > Also do we have a chat / irc channel or equivalent? Not the lovely
 > chatrev - something that developers in other languages can easily
 > hop into and out of?

Most FOSS projects I know use IRC extensively, but that doesn't seem a 
popular option in our community.  Never too late to start, though. 
There are many IRC clients, though surprisingly few attractive ones. 
But even the ones readily available aren't entirely unusable, and IRC 
itself is very useful.

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